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AI, Data Enablement & BI

Our big data consulting services, advanced data analytics solutions and development services help you to find the right answers to your business challenges.

From developing the right strategy through to data engineering, analytics and application of your information to make critical decisions, our team will ensure you gain maximum value from your data while on your journey to becoming a data-driven business.

We’re not tied to any specific technology, leaving us free to recommend the best technology to drive your overall data strategy and solutions.

Data Analytics

Our consultants have extensive knowledge across the entire spectrum of data-related technologies and remain at the forefront of the latest developments, enabling them to be responsive to emerging technologies and trends.

Gather - Interpret – Unlock

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Data Management

From data and performance health checks to managed backups, dark data and disaster recovery, our data management experts can help you to collect, store, protect and process your data in the most secure and compliant way.
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Data Integration

Our consultants use the latest integration tools and data engineering techniques to extract, clean and consolidate your data, making it ready for analysis while you focus on your day-to-day business priorities.
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Data Security

Data protection is more important than ever. Our consultants use their expertise in cloud platforms, data encryption and masking to protect your critical business data from undesired access and mishandling and help you to adopt security as code to anticipate breaches and save costs on resource management.
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Data AI

Where possible, we’ll transform your data processes with automation tools and agile methodologies. DataOps specialists will optimise your infrastructure, reduce outages and free up your IT resources. Our AutomationOps experts will help remove bottlenecks in automation workflows and combine design, development, testing and delivery into a single, smooth process.

Including but not limited to

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Business Intelligence

Whether you’re just getting started with BI, or you need support with an existing BI solution, our teams enable structured data-driven decision making across your organisation with intelligent strategies tailored to drive your business forward.
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Data visualisation

Our teams help you explore and see your data in new ways, whether you’re looking for a one-off report or a full, interactive dashboard experience.
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Data Science

Forecast trends and automate insights into your competitors, customers and risks. Our consultants help you to identify and harness opportunities born from deep insights.
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Dashboard Development

We’ll help you to create an interactive dashboard that gives you a 360-degree view of your business and enables you to access reports, visualisations and truly valuable insights that facilitate informed decisions at the touch of a button.
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BI Training

BI only works when your teams know how to get the most out of it. Our experts can delivery one-to-one training and workshops to help you and your people understand and utilise your BI platform and data insights.