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Fixed Network

Fixed networking transformation solutions that enable operators to evolve and transform communications networks from legacy environments to secure IP and cloud-based architectures that can deliver fast, reliable network connectivity to even the most remote locations.

Fixed Network

Fixed network services can span all stages of a telecoms project, from feasibility studies to certification. Our technicians have expertise across all aspects of fixed networks, from layout and field-data collection and specialists in GIS mapping for data generation, as well as project managers.

Benefit from comprehensive fixed network services covering:

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  • Primary viability studies of solutions and deployment plans
  • Budget proposal, control and certification
  • Schedule and materials breakdown
  • Work project management
  • Link networks, distribution and interiors
  • Technical support for deployment of OF, peer-to-peer and coaxial networks
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  • Technical rooms
  • Quality measurements
  • Public/private permit management
  • SLA definition and report writing
  • Work-completion certification

Enjoy the peace of mind of delegating every stage of your fixed network deployment to skilled, experienced specialists. Benefit from cost efficiencies as a result of reduced deployment costs and timely completion of a project that is compliant with all relevant standards and legislation.