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Procurement and Network Strategy

Getting your procurement and network strategy right from the outset is crucial for effective and efficient supply chain operations that help you to maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Digital supply networks

Procurement and network strategy determines the optimal locations, capacities and roles of network components to ensure cost-effective and responsive operations. We digitise supply networks to create an infinite loop of procurement – a continuous flow of data, information, goods and services between the digital and physical worlds.

We can build procurement software and online platforms that can support with collating and visualising data, analysis and creating reports, providing vital tools that enable procurement teams to see what’s happening and make sourcing decisions in real time. Scalable solutions backed by skilled talent means that your business is operating at peak capability now and is prepared for the future.

By optimising your supply chain network, we can support you in surpassing customer expectations, reducing costs, minimising risks and maximising your business performance


People – Process – Technology - Supply Chain

Choosing open-RAN architecture

Using Open-RAN architecture reduces the cost of deployment and maintaining mobile networks by eliminating the need for expensive proprietary hardware, enabling you to source components from multiple vendors. Our experienced teams can ensure your system is built using the best vendors for your network needs.

Procurement support capabilities

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Sourcing support

Slash cycle times and maximise savings with our bespoke sourcing support services, including actionable market intelligence and advanced analytics to optimise decision-making.
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Esourcing solutions

We can leverage powerful, cloud-based RFx tools to seamlessly support clients with tactical and strategic sourcing efforts.
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Digital dashboard creation

A personalised digital dashboard enables your teams to see everything in one place, in real time, ensuring smooth delivery of multi-vendor solutions.
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Cloud-based supplier management

Peace of mind that your business-critical infrastructure is stored safely and accessible any time and from any location.
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Adopt automation

We can help you to automate labour-intensive, repetitive tasks to free up your teams for human touchpoints in the procurement process.

Keeping your business resilient, agile, productive and sustainable.