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Open Networks and R&D

Position your business for long-term success in the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape with open network services. By breaking down barriers, encouraging competition and empowering consumers, open networks have opened up new possibilities for collaboration and innovation and shaping a more connected, competitive and consumer - centric future.

Open Networks and R&D

Research and Development is a vital component of the telecommunications industry, driving innovation, fuelling technological advancement and enhanced profitability and growth. R&D focuses heavily on improving infrastructure, pioneering new technologies and delivering innovative services to meet evolving consumer demands.

Network Services

From initial network design to implementation and completion, we can deploy skilled, experienced network experts suitable for any project. Benefit from:

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Entrust the design, management and monitoring of the project to a team of trained professionals.
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Budget control.

Reduced deployment costs and timely project completion as standard.
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Networks are compliant with all relevant standards and legislation, giving you added peace of mind.

Research and Development

Rapidly-evolving technologies mean that no business can afford to get left behind. Our R&D service facilitates end-to-end product life cycle of next gen product development – from Willow Tech Group Open Networks R&D concept and design to validation and certification of products and solutions.

Agile R&D transformations help with:

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Operations performance

Eliminate waste across your activities and supply chains, optimise costs and become more efficient. Change programmes based on lean principles, spend analytics, outsourcing and more help maximise your operations performance and keep your budget balanced.
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Exploit digitisation by extracting maximum value from data using data analytics and tools such a AI. Improve services and develop new revenue streams while keeping your infrastructure safe.

Other benefits:

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  • Cost-efficient product maintenance
  • Feature enhancements and support for legacy products
  • Overcome challenges with integration tools and processes
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  • Enhance user experiences
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Acceleration of time to market of differentiated products and solutions