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RAN Network

A key component of any wireless telecommunications system and the final link between the network and the phone, RAN network (also called access network) is now in its 5th generation, with capabilities including voice calls, text messaging, video and audio streaming. User types have also evolved to include all types of vehicles, drones and internet of things devices.

RAN Network

5G is the latest generation of RAN. Relying on a fully coordinated, multi-layer network with low to high bands to ensure optimal network performance, 5G delivers
new revenue streams for service providers and enhanced connectivity opportunities for subscribers, including, but not limited to:
• AR/VR • Cloud gaming
• Autonomous driving • Fixed wireless access

5G RAN Network Performance

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  • There’s no limit to the possibilities provided by 5G RAN.
  • Indoor 5G small cell solutions deliver high-performing, robust networks for all sizes of business.
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  • Macro 5G delivers effective network access deployment, using Massive MIMO technology to enable large transmission and reception of data across a wide geographical area.
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  • Cloud RAN, or C-RAN, is a new type of RAN architecture that reduces core network traffic and latency, improving overall quality of user experience.
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  • RAN slicing is an essential part of the 5G architecture landscape and enables multiple networks to be created on top of a common physical infrastructure.