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Cloud and DevOps

Cloud and DevOps solutions that combine the latest methodologies and best practice approaches, are aligned with your business outcomes now and robust enough to take you into the future.

Cloud hosting services

From start-ups and SMEs to global organisations employing hundreds of thousands of people, our cloud specialists can plan, design and implement the support you need to move your infrastructure onto the cloud. No challenge is too complex, and we’re not tied to a particular vendor or technology, so we can deliver the solution that fits your business best. We’ll use this to create a bespoke roadmap which will show you every step of your cloud native transformation.


Cloud Native Transformations

Don’t just migrate to the cloud. Our engineers help you to choose the best cloud native technologies to take your business to the next level. We explore containers, Kubernetes and microservices to build and deploy solutions at scale while enabling continuous innovation and delivery through DevOps.

Cloud Technologies including

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Agility - Efficiency - Flexibility

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Improved operational efficiency

Great software is nothing without exceptional UX/UI. We help you create solutions optimised for the best possible user experience.
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Agile best practice

Agile DevOps best practice reduces the failure rate and accelerates lead time, helping you get ahead of the competition.
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Reduce risk

We’ll develop a flexible solution that ensures that your data, applications and workloads can grow alongside your business.

DevOps Services

Our teams can provide you with a complete cloud infrastructure by creating your bespoke server environments, whether that is on-site or based on the cloud. Automated deployment enables you to go live almost immediately, while we safeguard the quality of your operations with the most stringent cyber security measures available.

Our specialist DevOps engineers have the experience to ensure that your systems are robust enough to cope with future challenges, however they may look.

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Cloud databases

Set up, operate and scale your cloud databases with ease, with options like Amazon RDS, Cloud SQL, Aurora and Amazon RDS.
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Scalable architecture

Our DevOps engineers build architecture that supports your current goals, while having the flexibility to address future challenges, including scalability.
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Security and compliance

Whether on-cloud or on-premises, security threats to business-critical systems remain very real. We create bespoke security solutions tailored to your IT infrastructure that keep you one step ahead of the hackers.
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Storage and delivery

Cloud storage enables you to keep and retrieve data immediately, at any time, from any location. Implement monitoring of your IT infrastructure to avoid costly delivery interruptions.
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Application integration

Set up SES, SNS, SQS, MQ, Athena and other AWS services. Explore more advanced options such as machine learning and possibilities in automation.
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Coaching and mentoring

Our teams can also provide targeted guidance to enhance your in-house DevOps capabilities, enabling you to take ownership into the future.