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Nearshore - Centre of Excellence

Nearshore teams bridge the gap between offshore and onshore teams, giving modern technology companies the opportunity to widen their talent pool, but not at the expense of vastly differing time zones and potential cultural differences.

What does “nearshore” mean?

To operate at the very highest level, you need the very best people in your teams. Unfortunately, the most skilled and experienced individuals aren’t always located within commuting distance of your business. Like an offshore team, a nearshore development team is based in another country but usually with the same or a much closer time zone.

Benefits of nearshore development teams

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  • Access a wider talent pool, enabling you to overcome the scarcity of specific technical skills that may exist in your immediate area
  • Being located in nearby a location enables easier travel, face-to-face meetings and a better understanding of cultural nuances that may affect working relationships
  • No worries about managing different time zones for your project
  • Hire skilled, experienced experts for day-to-day operations or for one-off specific projects
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  • On-demand access to your own, specialist IT team
  • Greater flexibility when it comes to scaling your business
  • Accelerated development and speed to market entry
  • Save money compared to onshore outsourcing
  • Keep focused on business-critical decisions and have less involvement in your IT operations
  • Stay competitive in your industry Outsource completely or hire a nearshore team to support your day-to-day capabilities.

Harness the potential of nearshore technology experts, address your development challenges efficiently and deliver outstanding results. Speak to us about our nearshore professional services offering today.