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Offshore - Centre of Excellence

Offshore teams are a valuable asset for modern technology companies who are keen to leverage global talent, technologies tools and platforms, but who don’t want or need a permanent team on or near their business premises.

What does “offshore” mean?

When it comes to business, you want the very best in your team, but sometimes top talent isn’t right on your doorstep. An offshore development team is based in another country with a different time zone. An offshore team works remotely and virtually, meaning your business can benefit from the most skilled, experienced and talented engineers in the world without the headache and hassle of hiring and retaining them.

Benefits of offshore development teams

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  • Access a global talent pool, enabling you to overcome the scarcity of specific technical skills that may exist in your area
  • Hire skilled, experienced experts for general or specific projects
  • On-demand access to a dedicated IT team to handle your technology
  • Flexibility in scaling up or down depending on the needs of your business
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  • Substantial cost savings, as much as 50% or more on development costs and reduced HR and administration resources
  • Stay focused on your core business
  • Gain a competitive edge in your market
  • Outsource completely or hire an offshore team to support your day-to-day onshore capabilities.
  • Accelerated development and speed to market entry

Harness the potential of offshore technology experts, address your development challenges efficiently and deliver outstanding results. Speak to us about our offshore professional services offering today.